Diversity and illiteracy: hey journalists – learn English.

English lesson for American journalists and editors:

The word “diverse” doesn’t mean Black or Latino or “non-white.” It means “various” or “different kinds”.

You don’t have a “diverse” background if your family is Mexican from the same village for 500 years, or Han Chinese for 10,000 years. A sheet-white guy whose dad is from Denmark and Mom is from Bosnia has a more diverse background than Black person whose ancestors have been from the same tribe of Sudanese herders since biblical times.

A 99% African-American neighbourhood is not a “very diverse” neighbourhood anymore than a 99% white one is. An ethnically diverse neighbourhood is one with many different kinds of people in it, not just one kind of person that’s different from you.

A person can have a diverse set of skills, a diverse set of interests, a diverse work history, or a diverse background. A “diverse person” is an oxymoron (unless you’re talking about some deep sci-fi converging parallel universe schnizz).

A diverse set of English language writers from Shakespeare to Kool Keith have had a talent for inventing and cleverly re-purposing words, but you guys just sound like illiterate idiots.

Sincerely, DB

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