Redistributionist politics is a powerful antidote against racist demagoguery

Redistributionist politics are a powerful antidote against racist demagoguery:

Yesterday in the UK election almost half of the people who just two years ago voted for UKIP, a staunch anti-immigrant, and econmically right wing party, switched to Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn, a staunch socialist who campaigned on a massive reinvestment in social services and infrastructure, free tuition, tax increases on the top 5%, nationalization of railways and postal service, who refused to say he would use nuclear weapons under any circumstances and who explicitly refused to commit to reducing immigration post-Brexit, instead promising to prevent the importation of cheap labour to undercut british wages.

This despite the fact that he was incessantly pilloried by the right wing press as an IRA and Hamas-loving imbecile during an election campaign wherein two terrorist attacks were perpetrated on British civilians.

Take heed Democraps and assorted corporate liberals of the world.

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